It's Been A Long Time

It's been almost two years since I last updated the family blog. And it's with good reason. Our family is on it's way to getting bigger. We're expecting our third child, our second daughter. A name for her we have not yet decided. Plenty of time, for the due date is Christmas eve, December 24. Though kids never arrive on the due date. Happy birthday America!


Hello All!

Busy as usual. Zie is growing by leaps and bounds. I'll remember the first half of year four for the speech and communication vastly improving. Dramatically. Exponentially. Really, it's astounding to watch. She's getting through another year of preschool and boy, preschool is paying dividends. We have the most social child...well, on our block anyway. I don't think there is a scientific measure of sociability. She loves the park! Ben is crawling and sitting up. He's even trying to stand up, but he isn't quite there. While he can indeed pull himself up without help, he won't be there long without help. And you can hear his Johnston head bounding off the rug on the pergo floors. Yes, less than fun! He is crawling so quickly this last week. Turn your head and he's digging in the litter box for 'prize nuggets'. Who doesn't love a challenge though, right? We're being parents. Constantly shuffling our daughter from event to event. we're in for it when Ben starts doing stuff, which he kinda just did. Story time at the library started last week. Even more so when Zie starts a longer school week. Woe is me. First world problems, amiright?


Wow life has gotten busier

You see, Shelby returned to work last week. That means so did I. Zie is returning to school in around two/three weeks. And Ben is being a good baby


First Year Dance Photo

zie's dance photo

Zie's first trip to the dentist

Well not her first trip, as she went with us to our appointments. This was her first on her own scheduled appointment at her own (pediatric) dentist.
Zie's first dentist trip
Wouldn't you know it: our perfect little angel was indeed that! She was well behaved, and accepted the fact that she was going to the dentist. Hopefully all the preperations That dentist even said we've been doing a good job on brushing her teeth. Shelby was very amazed at that comment and very pleased


Family photo , sans photographer (daddy)


Ben's website is up and running @ www.korbenjohnston.com


notice the title change?

now includes our entire family!